Next year is my year.  A psychic told me when I was in my 20s that when I will be 41 years of age, that will be my year.  Pregnant with my second child at the time, he asked me to give him an article off of my body, that I wore frequently.  I didn’t have any jewelry on, and my wedding band was long taken off due to the residual bloat thanks to my pregnancy.  All that I could think of sharing with him was my pair of shoes.  As I handed him my shoe, he slipped his hand into its cavity, closed his eyes, and a smile started spreading across his face.  In his mind, he flashed forward to over a decade into the future and saw who I would become. He never shared with me what exactly he saw or the enlightened me with the roadmap I would need to get there, but whatever it was that he saw, it made him smile the most beautiful, peaceful smile.

As I approach my 41st birthday in a few weeks, I reflect on my accomplishments and who I have become along with my vision firmly planted on the goals that I have set for myself in the year ahead. I am about to embark on an epic adventure in the year 2016 in many ways.  I have always enjoyed adventure racing, entering in different challenges and also back to my time participating in mountain-bike races, both in  24-hour relay races and 6-hour relay races. I will never forget when our women’s team actually  ‘placed’ and we received medals for a particularly grueling 24 hour race.  We were so tired and just wanted to get home, that I don’t think any of us even took a photo of our medals or the group of us standing on the stage.  Looking back now, I realize how extraordinary it was that we accomplished this and how proud my future self is of this accomplishment.

For 2016, I have set a goal to complete 12 races in 12 months.  The goal is to get me moving, inspire my kids, and to encourage my friends, family members and colleagues to come along for the ride and to move alongside of me.  I know that I am goal-driven, love to be outside in the great outdoors, and enjoy the thrill and rush of being in a race and the pride of actually making it across the finish line.  The races that I am planning on participating in for the year ahead are generally 5K, fun and varied, with the goal being consistency in activity with increasing ease to complete.  As of now, I haven’t yet purchased a pair of running shoes, but I will be, and the first race may be more of a speed walk.  But I can’t wait to flash-forward to the end of the year to see the difference a year makes.    Here is the 2016 line-up that I have mapped out:

December 31, 2015:  Resolution Run, Guelph

February 14, 2016:  Valentine’s Run, St. Catharines

March 13, 2016:  Achilles Run, Toronto

April 24, 2016:  Mercedes Benz, Oakville

May 8, 2016:  The Mother’s Day Chocolate Race, St. Catharines

June 25, 2016:  RattleSnake Point 5-Peaks, Milton

July 23, 2016:  Albion Hills 5-Peaks, Caledon

August 13, 2016:  Foam Fest, Wasaga Beach

September 24, 2016:  Oasis Zoo Run, Toronto

October 10, 2016:  Thanksgiving Road Race, Guelph

November 20, 2016:  Santa Parade Run, Guelph

December 3, 2016:  A Christmas Story Run, Cleveland-Ohio

Pending any unforeseen conflicts, this is my year ahead.  Please join me and stay tuned!!!