On Saturday, October 3, we rolled into Toronto shortly after noon for our early check-in at the SoHo Metropolitan in Toronto. It was a girls’ weekend that we had been looking forward to for ten months. I think us moms were more excited than our daughters, who were thrilled to open their gift of Taylor Swift tickets last Christmas. The day had finally arrived with great anticipation all around.

I had always wanted to stay at the SoHo Metropolitan; an unassuming hotel on the corner of Wellington Street and Blue Jays Way in the entertainment district of Toronto and a block away from the Rogers Centre. It is known for its luxury accommodations and boasts a prestigious penthouse with private elevator, where many famous performers and stars tend to stay.

Underground parking was easy to find, and as we entered the hotel, I appreciated its modern design and features. The front desk staff members were professional, warm and very helpful. We were especially appreciative of Jonah, a friendly employee who assisted us with our luggage and escorted us to our room. He took the time to tour us around our room, a spacious Executive Suite with a living area, separate bedroom, stunning washroom and separate walk-in closet. He showed us how to work the curtains (switch on the wall) and to the ‘oohs and ahhs’ of our daughters, described the heated floors and other features of the immaculate washroom.

Our room overlooked a roof-top balcony and it wasn’t long before our girls donned their bathing suits and headed for the pool, which we entered through the exercise room. It was a good-sized pool and the kids enjoyed lounging in the adjacent hot-tub and going for a swim while my friend and I sat on lounge chairs, catching up while enjoying the balmy pool air.

After swimming, we headed back to our room to get ready for an early dinner. The girls had worked all week on preparing signs for the concert on Bristol boards and they were sure to bring them as we headed out of our room for our big night out on the town. As we came down into the lobby to head outside, the girls gasped when they saw it was raining. Tears welled up in their eyes as they realized their signs would be exposed to the elements.

Suddenly, Jonah appeared beside us with an umbrella over the girls’ heads. He shared with us that he has a sister who was also going to the concert and gave us a knowing smile. He proceeded to walk us to Wahlburgers restaurant, which is at the base of the hotel and around the corner. The girls felt like royalty to be treated with such exceptional care and concern, and Jonah even opened the door for us at the restaurant, as curious onlookers watched the girls.

Jonah saved the day and made the girls feel famous and special at the same time. I think at that point it was me who had tears in my eyes.

Wahlburgers was an exciting place to be for dinner on a Saturday. Although we did not see any Walhburg brothers, we enjoyed our Sangrias (moms) and Shirley Temples (girls) along with an assortment of menu items. The restaurant was filled with people, both waiting for tables and in line at the takeout counter. We enjoyed seeing groups of people come and go outside the front of the restaurant, just to have their photos taken outside of this famous restaurant. We sat beside some people who were heading across the street to a Second City show for the evening, and there were many Leaf fans out for dinner who were heading to the game, judging by the sea of Jerseys. It was a busy night in Toronto, to say the least.

The Taylor Swift concert did not disappoint. She puts on an amazing show and we had a wonderful time.

One of the best decisions we ever made was staying overnight in Toronto. We heard many stories from our friends about how slow the 401 had been that afternoon heading into Toronto. We were so happy that we decided to come into town early and enjoy the comfort of the SoHo, and to get ready for the restaurant stress-free and with lots of time to spare.

As we made our way out of the gate at the end of the concert and outside amongst the absolute sea of thousands of people and cars, it was like a beacon in the night seeing our bright SoHo Met sign beckoning us from the stairs of the Rogers Centre. Within 15 minutes of leaving the concert, walking and weaving our way through frustrated people and traffic, we were in the comfort our room at the SoHo, snuggled in, and talking about our amazing night.

Our room had received turn-down service, and we remarked that had we realized we would be receiving this exceptional service, we would have left it a little neater in our haste to venture out. We appreciated our tidied suite that was ready for us, as we were exhausted after our big adventure.

The next day, we were in no hurry to head out of the hotel for our noon checkout as we wanted to enjoy every last bit of our hotel luxury. After some lounging and another trip to the pool, it was time to head out for some breakfast. We ventured off to the Sunset Grill and within no time we were on the road, headed back home.

Lessons learned from our girls’ getaway: it is worth staying overnight in Toronto when attending a large event at the Rogers Centre. The Sangrias and Shirley Temples at Wahlburgers are amazing and last but not least, if you are staying at the SoHo Met… ask for Jonah!

More information about the hotel can be found at the following link:  http://www.metropolitan.com/soho/