As I walked outside of the pool area, I entered a stunning, lush and private terrace area, with lounge chairs and a patio table. Stretching out in a lounge chair, I further enjoyed the juxtaposition of the peaceful slow sunrise and the thrilling sight and sounds of planes flying so closely overhead. Who would have thought that this tropical and beautiful oasis would be found at this – or any – airport hotel in the middle of urban busy-ness in Ontario?

My sister-in-law and I were in Toronto to attend an event being held at the hotel the following day. Even though we were within a 45 minute driving distance from our homes to the venue, we thought it was a great opportunity to take advantage of girls’ night and stress-free early morning at the same time. The price of the hotel was very reasonable, especially when the cost was shared by both of us.

When we arrived at the Toronto Airport Marriott hotel on Friday, August 21 in the afternoon, we were greeted by attentive and kind staff members at the front desk. Andre went over and above to answer our questions and take care of our check-in with a warm smile.

Our room was comfortable with a great view of the Toronto Airport. Considering we were so close to the airport, we did not hear any planes coming and going from the comfort of our room. We unpacked and headed out to Sherway Gardens Shopping mall, a 10-minute drive away, for our evening of shopping and dinner.

We had big ideas for what we would do when we got back to our hotel room as this was girls’ night out and kid-free time after all. We would slip down to the hotel bar for some drinks, and then cap the night off with a swim in the pool and a soak in the Jacuzzi hot-tub in the fitness area. Our big plans didn’t come to fruition, as the big, beautiful beds and cozy room beckoned us (me) and ended up being too much of a draw. We drank wine, talked and went to bed early, as us busy moms tend to do when we are out for a big night (well, my big nights tend to look like this).

Of course going to bed early meant that I was up at the crack of dawn, so I slipped out of the room and headed down to the outdoor fitness centre. As I bypassed the well-appointed gym (I didn’t bring my running shoes anyhow, I guiltily thought to myself) I headed straight for the Jacuzzi hot-tub. As I pushed the Jacuzzi jet button and slipped in, what I experienced and saw took my breath away. Relaxing in the bubble filled pool; I enjoyed the lushness of the solarium, with tropical plants and flowers reaching towards the sky. Looking past the greenery, in the sky was the glinting of the orange sunrise as well as the planes coming into the airport, one by one, in all of their regal beauty. It was serene and exciting at the same time, and I sat there in the Jacuzzi, soaking it all in. It was just as enjoyable and beautiful watching this from the beauty of the outdoor terrace.

As I was leaving the pool area, I noticed there was a games room for the kids, with video games, an air hockey table and the famous ‘claw’ game that every child loves to have the chance to try and grab their own prize with ‘the claw’. My kids would have loved this, I thought. As much as I try to enjoy kid-free time, my mind is never kid-free, which I know is a good thing.

This was the perfect start to my day as we got ready to attend the workshop in the comfort of our room. The banquet halls are directly adjacent to the main hotel lobby, which made them easily accessible to go to and from our room. Many of the workshop participants headed for lunch at the busy hotel restaurant. Since we stayed at the hotel, we still had access to the terrace, and we slipped down to enjoy a lovely break in the sunshine in the solitude on the patio outside of the pool area.

I thought to myself how many people stay at this hotel, and actually don’t make it down to the fitness area? What a shame if that is the case, as it was this that put the icing on the cake for my experience at this hotel. It is definitely worth the trip down the elevator to the lower level.

As I checked out at the front desk, an International flight crew was just checking in. I always think it is an excellent sign to be staying at the same hotel as a flight crew, as they tend to know the best hotels to enjoy. I only hope they take the trip down to the fitness centre to enjoy the sunset – or sunrise – after their long journey to Canada.

Apparently I still owe my sister-in-law a late night of drinks in a Toronto hotel bar, as she gently reminds me. That will be another story for another day.

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